Thursday, December 26, 2013

Star of David Jewelry

When it comes to Jewish decorative accessories, Star of David jewelry is by far the most popular purchase that is made. Jewelry has always been used as a form of symbolism and representation, and with Jewish items like the Star of David, it can become a very important part of your religious representation. There are plenty of different pieces to choose from and each one represents one of the most well-known and important pieces of Jewish history. The Star of David is also known as the Shield of David, the Jewish Star, and in Hebrew it is the Magen David. It is believed to represent man's connection to God and provide protection.

Star of David Jewelry

The Star of David jewelry that you find can be made of a variety of materials and metals. You can find gold jewelry, silver and sterling silver, stainless steel, and even leather and other natural materials turned into great Jewish pieces that feature the Star of David in them in some form. When you want to symbolize your religion and root yourself in Israel, you can depend on this specific piece of jewelry to provide you with what you are searching for.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

About Jewelry Store

In the State of New Jersey, a group of people who are skilled at the crafting of jewelry have joined together to establish several companion websites. One of those websites is After studying the earrings available on this site, online shoppers can purchase a one-of-kind pair of ear bobbles.

Jewelry Store Allfashioearrings
This website facilitates the online purchase of hoop earrings, dangle earrings, clip earrings, post earrings and threader earrings. All of those earrings can be obtained in either white gold or yellow gold. More importantly, none of those earrings will “burn a hole” in the pocket of the man or woman who decides to buy it.

Those online shoppers who hope to find something more than plain gold earrings will not feel disappointed, after viewing the offerings on this website. The skilled men and women who make these unique accessories can include in any of the available earrings brilliant gems, gems such as diamonds, pearls, topaz or amethyst.

If you want to dazzle others with an eye catching pair of earrings, then you have discovered the perfect virtual jewelry store for you. Place your order today, and a delivery person with an exquisite pair of earrings will soon arrive at your door.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Accessories for the Foot: Toe Rings for Men

Back in the 18th Century, when Captain Cook first visited the islands of the South Pacific, he discovered that the male inhabitants did not shy away from adorning their feet, usually by placing bands on their toes. While that practice did not gain widespread acceptance by those familiar with the western culture, the growing popularity of jewelry has reversed the reluctance men typically demonstrate, when invited to wear any type of accessory. Today there are several sites on the Internet where a man can find and order one of the many toe rings for men.

Usually placed on the second toe, the ring worn on a man’s foot tends to have a wide band. Some of them are fitted, so that they can be worn underneath a shoe. A fitted ring is supposed to offer insurance that it will remain in place, regardless of the activity pursued by the ring’s wearer. An accessory that has been designed for continuous use should never cause discomfort, even if the toe on which it has been placed happens to swell.
Toe Rings for Men
In fashioning toe rings for men, jewelers work with one or more of seven different types of metals. Some rings are gold; a gold ring can adorn the foot with a decorative piece made from yellow, white or rose gold. A gold ring will never break. Sometimes an inexpensive and breakable metal band can be described as “gold filled.”

Some toe rings for men are sterling silver bands. Others are stainless steel or platinum bands. The rings in that latter category can become tarnished, when they get exposed to chlorine. Application of the proper polish reverses the tarnishing process.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jan McClellan Fine Art Jewelry Designer

What’s Hot At Jan McClellan Fine Art Jewelry Designers? Jan McClellan has been crafting unique and stylish fine art jewelry pieces for well over 30 years. She was an art student at the Oregon Institute of Technology and also the San Francisco Revere Academy. Then Jan McClellan Fine Art Jewelry Designers was born.

Jan McClellan Fine Jewelry

Custom jewelry design work is one of Jan’s specialties, she and other designers work with you to design truly unique and one of a kind jewelry pieces for you.

Jan McClellan’s carries unique styles of Viking based jewelry. These styles are based on artifacts which were Viking in origin and located within Northern Europe and Scandinavia. These consist of three main design styles called the Cross, Thor’s Hammer and the Earth Mother. Runes are used and inscribed upon these pieces for protection, love and healing. Different symbols of the runes are meant for different things.

With so many enchanting bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pins, rings and pendants it will be hard to choose only one.

Jan McClellan Fine Art Jewelry Designers vine rings are elegant and trendy. These rings can be made using designs that are slightly different and can be crafted by using combinations of many metals. Any size can be custom made to order. These are also available in either silver or gold.

Within the pendant designs each is stunning and crafted with high quality, artistic talents. The ammolite-sunstone pendant has brilliant ammolite which changes from green to blue. The sunstone is called the color changing type stone, usually a dark peach which has tones of green around the outer edges. 18 karat and 22 karat gold are both used within the settings and has accents of diamonds on the ball.

If you love the look of extraordinary pins, then you are sure to find many to suit your taste her. Some of the most popular pin designs are crafted using boulder-opals, dinosaur bones, Oregon sunstones, and Mexican royal agate also malachite/topaz styles.

Jan McClellan Link Bracelet

There are beautiful fine jewelry designs in earrings to choose from. The etched quail drop, runes post, gold vine silver, onyx, lapis and amethyst/sugilite are just a few designs in earrings that show the artistic work and creativity that goes into all of these pieces here.

There are too many lovely ring designs too name, but favorites include styles in dinosaur bone, runes, onyx, amber and gold/lapis. You can customize rings with any stones or gemstones you may want with the artists help in the designing faze, this will make a truly treasured piece that is unique and very special to the recipient.

Jan McClellan Ammonite Necklace

You can’t forget about the numerous designs in the bracelets crafted here. Cuff bracelets are the entire big trend right now and the hammered silver finely polished cuff with stones of jade, garnet and amethyst. This is a highly desirable piece of jewelry to have. Bangle bracelets are very hip these next few seasons as well. These are crafted in either gold or silver with intricate tiny details etched onto them. They come in three different sizes, the large 9 inch, medium 8 ½ inch and the small 8 inch circumference.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Coin Pendants Contemporary Forever

Animal pattern, patterns that are found in everyday life, human faces and figure, religious symbols are all wrought inside a coin pendant. Depended heavy by people in the past and the present to give a trendy look, coin pendants are made of sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, platinum, bronze, silver, etc. Coin pendants are available in various sizes and they are worn along with gold chains. Intricate patterns inside the coin pendants and coin bezels give coin pendants an elegant look. Coin pendants have been in fashion for centuries and are still in fashion owing to their classic look.

14K Gold Liberty Coin Pendant
Used in ancient times as a cure to many diseases, coin pendants were considered as charms that bring good luck and protect from evil. Now, coin pendants have become a part of anybody's jewelry collections. Coin pendants have been in vogue for many centuries. Varieties of pendants are found in galore in the market.

Coin pendants look snazzy for all seasons. They give a rich look to the one who wears it. They are available in the market in various sizes. Thought the coin pendants are in the shape of the pendants, many innovations are made in the designing and patterning of the pendants. Pendants are made with many metals. Coin pendants can be designed uniquely with new designs being engraved and made inside the pendants. The pendants are attached to a small loop that holds the pendant and attaches it with a chain. Pendants must be chosen according to the patterns set in the chain with which it is worn. If the chains are trendy, the pendants must match it.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The True Beauty Of XO Bracelets

When I think of some of the best bracelets out on the market I think of XO Bracelets. These bracelets are like no other when it comes to beauty. In fact, XO bracelets have become the favorite bracelet of most women world wide. If you are looking for that perfect way to tell a loved one that you love them, then you just need to get them some XO bracelets. This style of bracelet comes in many different forms, and because of that, you are sure to find the perfect gift for anyone. Although XO bracelets are most worn by females, I have seen some males that enjoy wearing them as well.

If you have never seen XO bracelets then you do not know what you are missing. These bracelets are the king (or queen) of the bracelet world. Whenever you first lay your eyes on one it is hard to take them off it. One thing that is so great about these bracelets is the fact that they make great gifts for just about anyone. The reason why XO bracelets make such great gifts is the fact that they have such a neat style. Also, XO bracelets also can cost as little or as much as you want them to. Because of that, it is easy to get some XO bracelets for a child or an adult. Usually the ones that cost more are made out of gold and have very pretty gems in between the X's. If you still do not understand what XO bracelets look like, let me break it down for you. The bracelet is made up if different links. The first link is an X shape, usually just solid gold. The next link would be round like an O. This is usually where you wold put the gem if the bracelet is going to have any gems in it.